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Support and Family Outreach Teams

For Nursery Staff, please see under the 'Nursery' tab.
 Our Wonderful School Support Staff Are:

Foundation Stage    : Miss Burston, Mrs N Bowley, Miss Garraway, Mrs Gurski and Miss Wheatley

Year 1                    : Mrs C Bowley, Mrs Moreland, Mrs Murray, Mrs Parmar and Mrs Thomson

Year 2                    : Mrs S Buxton and Mrs Walter

Year 3                    : Mrs Barton and Mrs Corbett 

Year 4                    : Mrs Woodford and Mrs Wright

Year 5                    : Mr Eldridge

Year 6                    : Mrs Hendley and Miss Powell

Specialist Provision : Miss Chmielewska, Mrs Cox, Mrs Jenkins, Mrs Joule, Mrs Newton and Mrs O'Connell

Administration        : Mrs Clark, Mrs Dowdall, Mrs Isaac, Mrs Malcolm (Business Manager) and Miss Powell

Cleaners                 : Miss Bailey, Mrs Matthams, Mrs McGuin, Mrs Monk, Mrs Royston and Miss Wills

Family Outreach     : Mrs B Buxton and Ms Fox

Kitchen Staff          : Miss Forca-Perez, Miss Graham, Mrs Hardy, Mrs Ion (Catering Manager), Mrs Jones, Miss Ralph,

                                Mrs Ralph, Mrs Stickley, Miss Wills and Mrs Wright

Midday Supervisors  : Miss Bailey, Mrs Bexon, Mrs Gjonaj, Mrs Holland, Miss Howlett, Mrs Islam, Mrs Lovett, 

                                Mrs Monk and Miss Stretton (Midday Manager)

Pool Supervisor       : Mr Brierley

Site Team               : Mr Hummel and Mr Moreland

 The Family Outreach Team

We have a strong team to support family outreach including our wonderful Family Outreach Worker - Sally Fox.

It is important to us that our parents feel that if they have anything that they are worried about that there is someone to listen.  As part of Sally's role she supports Mrs Beth Buxton, the Learning Mentor and also chases up any unauthorised attendances, to see if the school can support our families more.

Sally can be contacted using the school telephone number or via email on contactus@thebeaconacademy.org for Sally's attention.

We need to remind all parents that emails will only be answered during school hours.