Extract from our Behaviour Policy regarding exclusions:

On extremely rare occasions, children may be excluded for violent or abusive behaviour.  Sending children home is an exclusion and as a school, we do not recommend this strategy but occasionally have to employ it, most commonly for Health and Safety reasons.


On returning to school, the child, along with their parents, will be part of a Returning to School meeting.  At this point, the Deputy Head will take the lead in organising the provision for this child and a program will be design specifically suited for the individual child.  This is reviewed fortnightly and in extreme cases, weekly with parents.  Where children are repeatedly getting exclusions the Headteacher will have a more active involvement in reviewing provision.


If this fails to work and no other strategies are available, permanent exclusion can be considered.  This will be used on very rare occasions and only when the continued presence of the child is a threat to Health and Safety or a serious disruption to learning.