Pupil Achievements

Every half term we have a Head Teacher Certificate assembly, winners of the certificates will be listed below.  

To get an award, children need to have shown sustained progress and effort over the half term.

We also are asked for citizen award from the Rotary Stars Programme.  

The Rotary come in and present the children with a certificate, badge and a gift voucher for a book store in town.


Recent Achievements


Callun got his Handwriting License on Friday 1st February - Well Done Callun!!

To get the license you have to get all of your stickers, show your work to Mrs Dixon who will make the final judgement on whether or not a pen will be issued for use in class.  Mrs Dixon will then take you to choose the pen that you will use for all work in the future.  We expect that all children who have their license continue to use high quality handwriting every day in every piece of work.