Welcome to Beacon Nursery


There are still Nursery places available for 2-4 year olds including 30 hour funded places- 

please telephone 01509 264876 for information.

Here at Beacon Nursery we share the policies and the ethos of the school and apply this to our children in the Nursery.

Our aim is to provide your children with a high standard of Nursery care and additionally to ensure that whilst you entrust them to our care that they get the very best start with us.  Please call to make an appointment to come and look around one of our staff members would be delighted to show you what we offer in our purpose built 2-4 provision.

We are one of the very few Nurseries in the authority who are able to provide specialist placements for children from the age of 2.  These placements are arranged through SENA at Leicestershire County Council.

The educational aspect of our Academy is a strength and we work through developing your child within all aspects of their early years and include in this storytelling and early phonics knowledge in addition to numeracy.  The Nursery draws on its expertise in childcare and also uses the educational experience from the school to improve outcomes for your children.

Please see our most recent Ofsted report:

Funded Sessions - 2, 3 and 4 year olds

Children are encouraged to use their free funded sessions with us.  We ask that you come and have a look at our provision to supply the preschool care for your child and prepare them for school.

If you are able to access the 2 year old funding your health visitor will have informed you and you need to register your child with us and agree the 15 hours you have been assigned with us.

If you are able to access the 3 and 4 year old funding, you get this from the Department of Education and the children are entitled to 15 hours or 30 hours per week (if applicable), term time only.  Again, this is to prepare your children to meet the requirements of school life and to ensure that they are ready to learn.  To see if you are eligible for 30 hour funding, please follow this link:

 Transition to School

As we are lucky to have a 2-11 provision on site here, the children all get to experience what a school is like regularly by taking full advantage of the facilities within school on a weekly basis.

The children of Beacon Nursery are able to access the school's outdoor learning, halls and PE equipment and have an annual sports day celebrated on the school field.

 Our Curriculum and Assessment

Currently, the Nursery Manager oversees the planning and assessment for the whole Foundation Stage so that the education of our Nursery children is focused together with the school.  Planning is done in teams and overseen by the Academy Middle and Senior Leaders.

Our curriculum is broad and varied and linked with the needs of the Every Child Matters and Early Learning Goals, and additionally the education side is overseen and developed with the link with the school Foundation Stage.  All our Nursery staff have been trained in phonics within the school and they are keen to ensure that your child leaves our setting with the skills to succeed at primary school.

Your key worker will also set targets for your child to achieve and these will be shared with you so that as parents you can support this with them at home.

We encourage children to move through from the Nursery to the school for continuity but with limited places available at the Academy this is not always possible for parents who are not within the catchment for our Academy.  In this instance, we will be providing other schools with the opportunity for them to come and visit your child in our setting and a very thorough account of their assessment profiles and learning journey to take with them in their new school.

 Medical Information

Should your child have specific medical needs we have a high number of well trained staff who are trained to administer basic medication.  We do have a strict policy of what we can and can not administer and we will remain firm with our policy

If your child has life threatening conditions and need regular administering of medication, we will ensure that additional staff are trained to oversee this.  This has to be with your signed permission and on the understanding that should the medicine run out that the nursery reserves the right to refuse your child's access.

Medicines need to be discussed with the nursery staff and questions can be answered when you look around.

 Outside Play

We have an extensive outdoor play area, each room has access to the outdoors and additionally has suitable age related outdoor equipment and covered areas for inclement weather.  We encourage your child to go out and direct their own learning and we don't see rain as a barrier, we will need wellies and raincoats and a spare change when they chose to go out sometimes.  We access the school grounds regularly for hall time, Apple-fish climbing frame and for the extensive fields that the school owns.  This makes our provision a very unique one with so many options for your children to access outdoor learning.

We are a Forest School Nursery along with the School and have 3 Forest School areas to do the activities through.  We encourage our children to explore and investigate, discuss and enjoy the outdoors.

Reading Stories and Promoting Independence in your Children

Recently there has been lots of research on the need for children to know stories off by heart, like fairy tales and their favourite books.  Children should know at least 5 stories when they get to primary school and should be able to retell them in their own way.  In order to do this we recommend reading a bedtime story to your child every night and sharing books as a way of showing your children different characters, settings, themes, stories and just for them to see the enjoyment that you have can make the difference in them enjoying them.

We also encourage our parents to model reading for their child too, let them see you reading the paper, a novel, a map, a menu... you can read all of the time and in lots of different ways!

We are also encouraging parents to develop their children's independence.  More and more children are starting school without the skills to fasten a coat, dress themselves, do up their shoes and dry themselves (Helpful for when they start swimming at the school in Foundation Stage).  We always encourage them to do this themselves at Nursery and the more independence we can give to them the better they get on at school.  All the independence skills should be encouraged as they get older and celebrated with your child.

Specialist Placement Provision

We have a specialist placement provision for children with specific needs.  SENA at Leicestershire County Council, will be able to support your application for a place.  These places are in demand and should you wish your child to be allocated a placement with us we suggest that you come to look around at our provision and ensure that your child's name is on the waiting list.

Our Specialist Placement Team is managed by the SENDCo from the Academy and trained termly together with the Academy staff.  All staff are trained to a high standard and all children are well supported in their time with us.  We ensure that transition from our provision to either the Academy Specialist Provision or other specialist provision schools, is smooth and that the children are well prepared for the move.



All parents are asked to agree a password with their child's keyworker and additionally can be assured that we take our responsibility with safeguarding all of our children very seriously.  The First Nursery door is a security door and you need to be buzzed into the walkway by the office or the door opened by a Nursery worker.  As an additional security for your child, there is a second door that has facial recognition and adults will only be let in if they are known and recognised by the staff in the room as parents or agreed guardians of the children they are there to collect.  Should an adult not be recognised, the password set and agreed by yourself will be requested prior to the adult being let through into the children's room.


Any Other Questions?

As parents needing a placement for your 2 year old or as a parent who has been offered pre-school hours you will have lots of questions to ask us that haven't been covered in the above.

We love showing prospective parents around our provision and we would love to show you around.  Just give us a call or email us with any questions or to arrange an appointment to see the provision.

Please do not just turn up and expect to be let into the Nursery; we take our responsibility to children's health and safety very seriously and only expected visitors will be shown around, but we will happily make an appointment for you.

We encourage all of our parents to give feedback and constructive ways to improve, this can be done by filling in a form at the office.  Also should a senior not be available to answer a question for you this is a way of getting a message to them.  We check the box daily and someone will be in touch to discuss your message.

We hope you and your children enjoy your time with us and that this is reflected in our partnership.

If your child is between 2 and 4 years old, please call the Nursery to arrange a visit and meet the team.  We look forward to meeting you and your child.

01509 264876

Manager: Bev Beadle

Senior Leader: Lindsey Dixon

Our Wonderful Staff Are:

Mrs Bev Beadle         : Nursery Manager

Miss Jane Whatley    : Administration

Mr Leigh Baker

Miss Jenny Barnett

Miss Mel Buchanan

Mr Dave Burgess

Miss Claire Cheval

Ms Carole Clarke

Mrs Silmara Gale

Mrs Jo Griffiths

Miss Leah Gunn

Miss Nina Henderson

Miss Alison Kenny

Miss Sue Minnifield

Mrs Sue Moody

Mrs Janet Moore

Mrs Helena Newbon

Ms Michelle Read

Miss Stacey Royston

Miss Sarah Stevens

Mrs Sue Thompson

Mrs Julie Williams