Physical Education

Meet the team
P.E Co-ordinator: Mr A Easton
Sports Coach: Mr R Barrow
Swimming: Mrs Stanley, Mrs Turner, Mr Barrow and Mr Brierley 

The PE and swimming timetable can be found at the bottom of this page.


Our pupils take part in one PE lesson every week which is led by Mr Barrow and the class teachers. 

How do we assess our pupils?

The pupils are assessed throughout the year by the class teachers and sports coach. Our assessment structure is the same as the cold and hot writes which our pupils complete during Literacy. At the start of every sport/unit, the pupils will be assessed. There is specific criteria and activities which the pupils will be assessed on. After the cold assessment, the sports coaches will help the pupils to develop their skills during lessons before the pupils are re-assessed at the end of the block using the same criteria as before. 


We are very lucky to have our own pool on site. Our pupils swim every week for one hour.
Mrs Stanley, Mrs Turner and Mr Barrow all lead swimming lessons throughout the week at Beacon. Mr Brierley, known to the pupils as Scott, is the pool supervisor/lifeguard and the swimming coaches right hand man.

What are we doing in P.E?

Foundation Stage - Fundamentals
Year 1 - Fundamental Ball Skills
Year 2 - Team Skills
Year 3 - Basketball
Year 4 - Football
Year 5 - Badminton
Year 6 - Dodgeball


P.E Timetable
Monday - Y4 and Y3/4 SP (pm)
Tuesday - FS2 (am) & Y1 and Y2 & Y1/2 SP (pm)
Wednesday - Y6 & Y5/6 SP (pm)
Thursday - Y3 (pm)
Friday - Y5 (pm)

Swimming Timetable
Monday - Y2 (pm)
Tuesday - Y5 (pm)
Wednesday - Y1 (am) & Y3 (pm)
Thursday - FS2 (am) and Y4 (pm)
Friday - ALL SP CLASSES (am) and Y6 (pm)

Sports Clubs

Here is the list of sports clubs on offer to our pupil. These clubs will run from September 2017 to December 2017. 

Monday - KS1 Multisports
Tuesday - KS2 Badminton
Wednesday - KS2 Ball Games
Thursday - KS1/KS2 Gymnastics