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Parent Consultation Group

8th December 2015 

Dear Parents / Carers 

It has just been my great pleasure to meet with the Beacon Academy Parent Consultation Group, to hear their views and to discuss with them, ways of better engaging parents in our work to improve this Academy. 

I have invited the Parent Consultation Group to provide two new members of our Management Board.  They will decide on these members, who will join our first Management Board meeting in the New Year, Friday 8th January 2016.

 Following the advice of the parents I met, I am also writing to share with you the arrangements we have put in place for the leadership of the Academy from January.  You are all aware from our letter that we have appointed an excellent new Headteacher, Louise Bussell; we are all very excited by Louise’s appointment and know she is the right person to lead this Academy to be the excellent centre of learning this community so richly deserves. 

We have been fortunate enough to secure additional funding from AET to keep Mark Roberts in post as Executive Headteacher until Summer 2016.  We are in a very strong position at the moment to improve this Academy even more rapidly than we have done.  In keeping Mr Roberts in post for an additional two terms, we add significant extra capacity to the leadership of this Academy.

 I want to take this opportunity to thank Lindsey Dixon for all her hard work and determination during her acting headship.  She has secured fabulous improvement and steered the Academy successfully through its recent Ofsted inspection.  Mrs Dixon is known to all of you and I am sure, like me, you are delighted she will remain a member of the Academy’s leadership team.  She and Mrs Bussell have already begun working well together.  The combination of Mrs Bussell, Mrs Dixon and Mr Roberts places this Academy in a position of real strength moving forwards. 

I urge you to share your views with a member of the Parent Consultation Group so they can keep us informed of parents’ views of our Academy.  Together, we can make this a fabulous place to learn and grow. 

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas. 

Yours sincerely

Julie Taylor

Chair of Management Board and

Regional Director of Education for Academies Enterprise Trust

Meet Our Members:

Antonio Vassallo - Foundation Stage representative
awaiting photo

Kim James - Year 1 and Year 3/4 Specialist Provision representative

Stacey Grain - Year 2 representative

Leanne Gamble - Year 3 and Year 6 representative
awaiting photo

Ros Townes - Year 3/4 Specialist Provision representative

Emma Johnstone - Year 3/4 Specialist Provision representative
awaiting photo

Jenny Sedgwick - Year 3/4 Specialist Provision representative 

Christine Smith - Year 5 representative 

Staff representatives are Mrs Beadle, Mrs Dixon and Ms Fox; Mrs Tatham is our Management Board representative.

Message from Deena Tatham:

I am a member of the Management Board and have been supporting the school for just over a year 
now.  I am married with two adult children and two grandchildren.  At the moment I am self 
employed, supporting and assessing school teachers and leaders to make sure that they are doing 
their job well and can meet national standards.  This is mainly on-line but with a few meetings 
around the country so I get a good variety of experiences.  

When I am supporting Beacon I try to share what I am learning with others so we can all benefit 
from experience.  I learned a great deal when I became the head of a school in Leicester City, taking 
a school out of the “Special Measures” category and making sure that our children, parents and staff 
all worked hard together to improve.